Integration means actively participating in the cultural life of Mallorca.

We organised numerous cultural events since the foundation of our company, we also supported such events as sponsors. More than 60 single exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions of Spanish and international artists took place in our galleries in Santa Ponsa and Palma and became considerably important to Mallorca’s cultural life. Our gallery is not solely conceived as a forum for contemporary painting, it rather bespeaks our wide artistic spectrum. On the one hand, we exhibit paintings of artists focusing on the features and colors of the Mediterranean life and on the other hand, we introduce artists whose art reflects the spiritual tensions and flows, those impulses and ideas of the respective period of time.
Only to mention a few of our artists: Dagmar Adamski, Diego Arango Arango, Manel Casanella, Barbara Egin-Bühler, Antonio Falco, Wilhelm Fikisz, Vladimir Glatsky, Elena Gatti, Peter Gersina, Herbert Hundrich, Alfred Lichter, Gabriele Lockstädt, Paul Metz, Heinz Morzoeck, Nina Nolte, Otto Quirin, David Templeton, Dimitri Vojnov and Jürgen Wölke.

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